Taking Control of Grassy Weeds

This course goes beyond the fundamentals of managing grassy weeds by teaching in-depth management information and strategies, which you can apply immediately on your golf course. Beginning with an overview of turfgrass weed management -- including weed biology and ecology, weed seed germination, and premergence herbicides -- the course progresses through the cause, prevention and management strategies for herbicide resistance, as well as the management of annual bluegrass.

Discover techniques and best management practices (BMPs) for controlling grassy weeds on golf course putting greens. Learn the influence of management practices on weed population shifts on the golf course, plus integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to reduce weed populations on your course. In addition, you'll learn about degradation and transfer processes that lead to off-target movement of pesticides, along with characteristics of environmentally sensitive sites. Using cultural practices to manage weed populations will allow your course to reduce its herbicide use, saving your facility money, while producing dense, healthy turfgrass your golfers will love.

This course features interactive learning reviews to provide instant feedback and reinforce learning. High quality images and illustrations are used to explain complex subject matter. Audio clips of Dr. Yelverton are also incorporated to give more thorough explanation of specific topics. To make the most of this learning experience, students should use a computer with a sound card and speakers (or headphones).

Course modules

There are four chapters in this course, each containing a chapter outline, learning objectives, reading materials, interactive reviews, and top-quality photos and illustrations.

Chapter 1: An Overview of Turfgrass Weed Management
Chapter 2: Herbicide Resistance and Management
Chapter 3: Annual Bluegrass Management on the Golf Course
Chapter 4: Pesticide Fate and Behavior

Target audience

Who should take this course: golf course superintendents, technicians, agronomy and horticulture students, grounds managers, turf industry professionals or anyone who desires a better understanding of or whose job responsibilities include weed management.

Created with:

Fred Yelverton, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

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