Weather Topics for Golf Course Management

This course was developed to help golf course superintendents and assistant superintendents better understand the basics of day-to-day weather, and how it affects the golf facility. It is intended as a review of basic weather elements and includes weather images to introduce and reinforce concepts. 

Students will:

  • Understand basic concepts of meteorology, including what makes weather.
  • Learn about the relationship between air pressure, wind and global wind patterns.
  • Understand the concept of humidity, relative humidity, dew point temperatures and the hydrologic cycle.
  • Understand some impacts of wind on chemical applications.
  • Learn key characteristics of windbreaks and how they can be used.
  • Learn facts about fronts and how they impact thunderstorm development.

This course also has downloadable audio files you can listen to to reinforce the material. You can listen from your PC or from a portable device, whichever you find more convenient.

Course modules

Weather Topics is divided into three short sections each beginning with learning objectives for that section's material. You control the pace and the length of your learning session. You work independently and progress when you’re ready. Sections are:

  • Weather Basics
  • Applying Weather Basics
  • Storm Development

Target audience

Who should take this course: golf course superintendents, assistant superintendents, agronomy and horticulture students, grounds managers, turf industry professionals or anyone who supervises a team of golf course staff. The course has been especially designed for those who want the ability to understand how storms can impact turfgrass management programs.

Additional content

Tornado clip

(footage courtesy of Aaron Clopton, Ph.D.)

Each GCSAA course contains unique content. The storm development section of Weather Topics contains this home video clip of a tornado that came within several blocks of GCSAA headquarters in Lawrence, Kan., on May 8, 2003. It gives you an idea of how this type of storm develops.

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