About GCSAA Conference Education

A look at the structure of GCSAA's conference education programs and the support services provided to instructors and speakers

GCSAA has 99 affiliated chapters and 18,000 individual members from 72 countries taking advantage of its many programs, services and benefits.

About GCSAA seminars

As part of the conference, GCSAA presents numerous seminars to provide in-depth learning on particular topics. These seminars require a separate fee in addition to conference registration, and are offered in the following formats:

  • Two-hour seminars: As scheduled
  • Half-day seminars: 8 am – noon, or 1 – 5 pm
  • Full-day seminars: 8 am – 5 pm

Attendance at GCSAA seminars ranges from approximately 20-80 registrants, depending on the topic. Participants must complete an electronic evaluation after the seminar to receive GCSAA education points.

Support for seminar instructors

GCSAA compensates seminar instructors for their airfare and lodging, and will produce and ship the seminar manuals to the convention center. Seminars are presented in a classroom layout, and instructors are provided with computers, microphones, overhead screens and in-room audiovisual technical support. Seminar notebooks with learning materials are provided to attendees at check-in. A "speaker ready room" is also available on site so you can become familiar with the equipment.

About GCSAA sessions

The education conference features more than 20 sessions in a variety of formats, ranging from 30-minute informal talks on the trade show floor, to traditional presentations of 20-40 minutes, to agronomic panel discussions lasting 2 ½ hours with audiences of more than 300 attendees. Sessions are included with full-pack conference registration. Share your knowledge on topics such as business and career management, environmental practices, innovative golf course practices, IPM, turfgrass management and water conservation.

Support for session speakers

Session speakers earn .25 service points and receive complimentary full-pack conference registration.