STEP 3: CTEM Maintenance Facility Attesting

To earn your CTEM certification, you must pass the maintenance facility attesting process. You must have been at your current facility for at least six months to be attested.

Your attesting will be conducted by two of your peers who have already earned their CTEM designation. The attesting can be conducted in person or virtually. This will be determined by the location of your attestors. If you are attesting with the virtual option, we will provide you with a list of best practices to ensure the process runs smoothly.

The CTEM attesting criteria have been developed by your peers following the same psychometric process as the CGCS attesting.

To pass the attesting, you must pass all the designated Show Stoppers as well as demonstrate a minimal competency level over the entire attesting content. What are Show Stoppers? Items designated by the SMEs as critical to the operation or safety of the maintenance facility and personnel. The Show Stoppers are identified on the attesting rubric.

To prepare for your attesting, review the review the CTEM Attesting Rubric. For each criterion, grade your facility on a scale of 0 – 2. If you achieve a 2, you have identified an area that is ready for attesting. If you give yourself a 0 or 1, you have identified an area that you need to make adjustments/improvements to. You must score a 2 on all the Show Stoppers so this is a critical area of preparation. If there is a criterion that doesn’t fall under your supervision or one that your maintenance facility doesn’t include, you will be expected to describe to the attestors how you would manage/maintain/operate that criterion.

Prior to your attesting, you will need to complete this form and supply pictures of the After Cut Appearance (ACA) of approaches, greens, tees, fairways and roughs. Read the instructions for supplying the pictures.

Once you have prepared your facility for the attesting, contact Diana Kern, manager, CTEM certification and certificate programs, to schedule your attesting.