Requirements for New Chapters

All of the following items are required as part of your chapter’s affiliation application. The GCSAA Board of Directors reserves the right to request additional documentation. The board may request additional petitions from chapters that may be negatively impacted by the formation of a new chapter. The board reserves the right to deny or approve the application in order to act in the best interests of the association, its members and all affiliated chapters.

Affiliation support
  • Date chapter was established
  • 500-word statement
  • Official letter of recommendation from the board of directors of two or more neighboring or impacted affiliated chapters, signifying support
  • The chapter board has read the affiliation agreement. The chapter board is familiar with GCSAA programs and services that are offered to chapters and are committed to being an active affiliated chapter.
  • Conference call or online meeting with the appropriate oversight task group to explain the need for affiliation and how your chapter will be able to meet the affiliation requirements (this would occur approximately six months following the time of application)
Affiliation requirements

The following items are necessary in order for GCSAA to approve your affiliation agreement application. You may send in your signed agreement to GCSAA headquarters and indicate the requirements you are able to fulfill at this time.

  • Completed copy of the chapter assessment tool with explanation of how your chapter plans to meet and maintain the requirements of a well-functioning chapter
  • Copy of IRS Tax-Exempt Determination Letter or Copy of Submitted Tax-Exempt Application Form
  • Certificate of Good Standing or Statement of Fact (Evidence of Current Incorporation – Yearly affiliation requirement)
  • Conformity with GCSAA Bylaws Regarding Membership Classifications A, B and C
  • Officers and Directors Composition
  • Dual Membership Requirement Incorporated into Bylaws (Note: international chapters and Alaska are not required to complete this requirement)
  • Copy of Current Bylaws (Yearly affiliation requirement)
  • Certificate of Insurance for Directors and Officers Liability Coverage (Yearly affiliation requirement)
  • Certificate or Copy of General Liability Insurance Binder (Yearly affiliation requirement)
  • Copy of Submitted IRS 990 or 990 EZ Tax Form for Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year (Yearly affiliation requirement)
  • Financial Summary of Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year (Yearly affiliation requirement for those chapters that are required to submit the 990-N e-postcard)
  • Annual Report of Association’s Activities for Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year (Yearly affiliation requirement)
  • Current Officer List (Yearly affiliation requirement)
  • Current Membership Roster (Yearly affiliation requirement)
  • Signed petition containing the signatures of at least 50 GCSAA Class or Superintendent Members, signifying their support for affiliation and indicating their existing affiliated chapter memberships
  • Completed and Signed Affiliation Agreement
  • $1,000 Fee (Note: this fee will be applied to future services for the chapter, such as liability insurance)