Equipment Management

Helping you maintain a comprehensive preventive maintenance program

GCSAA knows that each member of the golf course maintenance team plays a vital role in the success of their facility. Here we've collected tools and resources especially for those managing equipment. Enjoy the benefits of Equipment Manager membership to access education for no further fee.

Featured 5-Minute Fix Video

GCSAA has produced several short videos with tips from member equipment managers. They are available now in the Learning Hub materials section.


Check out this collection of 5-Minute Fix Videos for quick and simple solutions to equipment-related issues. Submit a great idea for a 5-Minute Fix Video.

5-Minute Fix-Hydraulic Hoses

Take a look at the procedure for identifying, inspecting and replacing hydraulic hoses on equipment as presented by Chris Rapp, equipment manager at Bellerive Country Club.

5-Minute Fix-Daily Check In

Learn the secret to the daily check in processes for equipment from the Patrick Drinkard, equipment manager at Cordillera Ranch.

5-Minute Fix-Loss of Power

Troubleshooting and correcting loss of power in a sprayer is explained by Cory Phillips, equipment manager at Golf Club of Georgia & Horseshoe Bend Country Club.

5-Minute Fix-HOC Accuracy

Learn two steps to use to determine the accuracy of your height of cut as demonstrated by Trent Manning, equipment manager at Ansley Golf Club.

5-Min Fix-Parallel Bedbar

Cory Phillips, equipment manager at Golf Club of Georgia and Horseshoe Bend Country Club, explains how you gauge-in a bed bar to make sure it is parallel from the pivots to the mounting surface