Equipment Management

Helping you maintain a comprehensive preventive maintenance program

GCSAA knows that each member of the golf course maintenance team plays a vital role in the success of their facility. Here we've collected tools and resources especially for those managing equipment. Enjoy the benefits of Equipment Manager membership to access education for no further fee.

Check out this collection of 5-Minute Fix Videos for quick and simple solutions to equipment-related issues. Submit a great idea for a 5-Minute Fix Video. You video submission should support the equipment management competencies.

Featured 5-Minute Fix: Diagnose Overheating

What steps can you take to diagnose overheating of your maintenance vehicles? Get troubleshooting ideas, presented by Glenn Peters, equipment manager at North Shore Country Club.

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5-Minute Fix: Leveling-A-Cutting Unit presented by Glenn Peters

5-Minute Fix: Backlap for Better Cut presented by Wes Danielewicz

5-Minute Fix: Pull Cord Replacement presented by Wes Danielewicz

5-Minute Fix: Stump-Removal presented by Conrad Pannkuk

5-Minute Fix: Prism Gauge presented by Chris Rapp

5-Minute Fix: Chainsaw – Felling a Cottonwood presented by Trent Manning

5-Minute Fix: Reel Measurement presented by Roland McPhearson

5-Minute Fix: Attitude Adjustment presented by Chris Rapp

5-Minute Fix: Clean Carburetor presented by JR Wilson

5-Minute Fix: Communication presented by Gary Bogdanski and David Willmont

5-Minute Fix: Fix-Safety Meeting presented by Gary Bogdanski

5-Minute Fix: Tire Change presented by Gary Bogdanski

5-Minute Fix: One-Person Brake Bleed presented by Daniel Heinze

5-Minute Fix: Hydraulic Hoses presented by Chris Rapp

5-Minute Fix: Daily Check In presented by Patrick Drinkard

5-Minute Fix: Loss of Power presented by Cory Phillips

5-Minute Fix: HOC Accuracy presented by Trent Manning

5-Minute Fix: Parallel Bedbar presented by Cory Phillips

Inside the shop logoThe "Inside the Shop" area at the 2019 Golf Industry Show was an instant success, and now Hector Velazquez presents a monthly Inside the Shop video series with trouble shooting, how-tos and demonstrations concerning golf course equipment management.

Featured Inside The Shop:Soldering

This episode focuses on how to make proper electrical repairs by soldering.

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Watch the Inside The Shop series on GCSAA TV.

You’ve heard about the eight exams that make up Level 1 of the EMCP, but did you know GCSAA now has courses to help you have a positive result when you take the tests? Seminars held at GIS were recorded, edited and are now available On Demand in the Learning Hub.
Following are some sample clips to give you an idea of what the full recordings are like:

Electrical and DriveTrain sample

Sprayer and Metalwork sample

These and other EMCP Prep courses are available as a free member benefit. Check out this category of On Demands in the catalog.


Equipment management series on demand

Additional On Demand

More titles covering all subject areas are available to members for no additional fee when you visit the Learning Hub.