National Golf Day 2018

2018 NGD Inside 

We Are Golf hosted the 2018 National Golf Day event in Washington, D.C., April 22-25.

Industry leaders met with Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and federal agencies to discuss golf’s 15,000-plus diverse businesses, 2 million jobs impacted, tax revenue creation and tourism value.

The golf industry seeks to engage with the Trump Administration and Members of Congress in fresh, bipartisan conversations about environmental issues impacting golf in a manner that takes into account existing measures to protect human health and the environment and practical implications for America’s golf businesses. We also want the Administration and Congress to understand the value of federal dollars going toward turfgrass research and implementation of BMPs at golf facilities.


National Turfgrass Federation overview

2018 Farm Bill language in House

Congressional letter in support of House Farm Bill language

NTF talking points

ESA reform

ESA Primer

ESA Infographic

ESA Congressional letter

ESA White Paper

ESA Trump Administration MOA

CWA NPDES Pesticide General Permit

H.R. 5275 - ACRE Act

S. 340 Sensible Environmental Protection Act of 2017

Letter on NPDES relief in ACRE Act

Golf Health and Wellness Benefits: The PHIT Act

The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act expands the IRS definition of a medical expense to include physical activity. This allows for a medical care tax deduction for qualifying fitness and sports expenses as a form of prevention.

PHIT AMERICA: A Movement For A Fit And Healthy America

H.R. 1267 PHIT Act

S. 482 PHIT Act

Golf Business and Current Labor Regulations

Golf sustains two million American jobs, with $55.6 billion in annual wage income. One out of every 75 jobs in the United States is impacted by the golf industry. The golf industry needs a trained, legal, and available workforce in order to keep golf facility doors open for business and support American jobs. Currently, there are federal labor policies that are negatively impacting the golf industry.

H-2B Cap and processing delays

H-2B Visa Workforce Coalition website

H-2B coalition letter to DHS

H-2B Congressional letter to DHS and DOL


STARS Act one-pager

Overtime pay rule

Golf industry comments on Obama rule

Golf industry comments on Trump overtime pay Request For Information