Self Assessment Tool

GCSAA's easy-to-use self-assessment tool allows you to rate yourself against the key knowledge, skills and abilities (competencies) needed to be successful in today's marketplace. You'll identify your areas of strength and potential areas of improvement, so you can take control of your career and plan your own professional development program.

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Using this tool

Chart your own course for continuing development: You'll rate your current skills and knowledge against each competency, and then identify seminars and other resources for each competency.

Earn education points: Upon completion of your self-assessment, 0.5 education points will automatically be posted to your transcript within two business days.


Pursue certification: As indicated in the eligibility requirements, completing the self assessment is a requirement for certification applicants. Use this tool early in your career to identify the competencies needed to perform successfully as a golf course superintendent, the recommended standards set for certification, and the variety of education resources available to help you succeed.

Navigating this tool

If you have never used the self assessment tool before, you might want to visit our page on how to navigate the screens.