What is the GCSAA Foundation?

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The GCSAA Foundation is the philanthropic organization of GCSAA.

The GCSAA Foundation secures funding and support to strengthen advocacy, education and research that advances the work of golf course management professionals. Founded in 1955 as the GCSAA Scholarship & Research Fund for the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, the Foundation serves as the association’s philanthropic organization. The Foundation relies upon the support of many individuals and organizations to fund programs to advance its mission.

The results from these activities, conducted by GCSAA, are used to position golf courses as properly managed landscapes that contribute to the greater good of their communities. Supporters of the Foundation know that they are fostering programs and initiatives that will benefit the game, its environment and communities for years to come.

Foundation news

GCSAA Foundation invests in communities

Aug 30, 2022, 10:36 AM by Angela Hartmann

Thanks to support from John Deere Golf, Palm Beach GCSA, Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation and Washington Golf Association the GCSAA Foundation continues to be positioned to support First Green with grants that are vital to the program. 

These generous grants impact GCSAA’s ability to help grow the First Green program, engaging K-12 students in a unique way where they can apply their classroom knowledge in a golf course setting,” said Ryan Flickinger, GCSAA Foundation Executive Director. Without the support from our industry partners, the First Green program would be limited in scope – reducing our impact on students across the country.”

First Green continues to be a recognized premier, volunteer facilitated, community outreach and student development program. The STEM teachings are uniquely impactful, and they provide an outdoor hands-on experience to students who may never have stepped foot on a golf course or considered a career in golf course management.  

Through the end of July, GCSAA has facilitated 33 field trips this year and hosted more than 1,400 students in 18 States. Staff has scheduled an additional four outings this summer / fall but will see activity increase once school is back in session.

As part of the five-year plan, the GCSAA Foundation seeks to provide funding for a total of 1,761 field trips through 2026 that will benefit over 100,000 students. Additional support is required to help further build the program with continued volunteer outreach and training, enhancement of curriculum, and teacher engagement, providing them with the resources they require to participate in the program and support their students.

GCSAA is grateful for the tremendous support this program receives, but additional volunteers and host course facilities for field trips are still in need for 2022 and beyond. If you are interested in supporting First Green, please consider serving as a volunteer or contributing so that more students can benefit from the program.

Special thanks to John Deere Golf, Palm Beach GCSA, Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation, and Washington Golf Association for the recent financial support of the First Green program.