2019 News Releases

Illinois latest state to publish BMP guidelines for golf courses

by Dec 31, 2019 | GCSAA

Five affiliated chapters of Golf Course Superintendents Association of America lead the development of statewide best management practices

Lawrence, Kan. (Dec. 31, 2019) – The work of a coalition of five golf course superintendent association chapters in Illinois has resulted in the publication of “Best Management Practices for Golf in Illinois”.

The Illinois BMPs were developed in part by using the BMP Planning Guide and Template created by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and funded and supported by the USGA.

The Illinois BMP project included input from members of all five regional GCSAA Chapters (Central Illinois GCSA, Chicagoland Association of GCS, Midwest Association of GCS, Northwestern Illinois GCSA and Southern Illinois GCSA)

To assist with the project, the Midwest Association of GCS received a $10,000 BMP grant that GCSAA funded through the association’s Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) in part by PGA Tour. The BMP grant program provides funding through the EIFG to chapters for developing new guides, updating existing guides or for verification programs. GCSAA’s goal is to have all 50 states offer established BMPs by 2020.

The GCSAA members who served on the California BMPs steering committee included Donald Altman, CGCS, superintendent at Forest Hills Country Club, in Rockford, Ill.; Luke Cella, CGCS, executive director, Midwest Association of GCS and Chicagoland Association of GCS in Lemont, Ill.; F. Dan Dinelli, CGCS, superintendent at North Shore Country Club in Glenview, Ill.; Matt Dutkiewicz, superintendent at Ingersoll Golf Course in Rockford, Ill.; Mark Kosbab, CGCS, golf maintenance manager at Sportsman’s Country Club in Northbrook, Ill.; John Kueper, executive director, Southern Illinois GCSA in Carlyle, Ill.; Steve Leach, superintendent at Gateway National Golf Links in Madison, Ill.; G. Andy Morris, superintendent at Peoria (Ill.) Country Club; Alex Stuedemann, CGCS, director of golf course operation at TPC Deere Run in Silvas, Ill.; Jeff Szymonik, assistant golf course superintendent at Pinecrest Golf Course in Huntley, Ill.; and Greg Willman, superintendent at Panther Creek Golf Club in Springfield, Ill.

“It was a wonderful collaboration of all of our chapters,” said Cella, who served a chairman of the committee. “With our state being so long, our golf course superintendents deal with many different types of growing conditions, but we all can come together and discuss how we are conserving our natural resources. Now we have a document that helps us create a management plan no matter what our growing conditions are.”

In addition to the local GCSAA chapters, other groups involved in the development of the guide include the Illinois EPA, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, University of Illinois, University of Southern Illinois, Chicago District Golf Association, IPM Institute of North America, North Central IPM Center and the USDA.

The Illinois BMPs offer guidelines for superintendents to manage their facilities in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner in keeping with their regional needs and regulatory concerns. The BMPs cover 12 sections of topics ranging from Irrigation and water quality management to integrated pest management and pollinator protection.

To read “Best Management Practices for Golf in Illinois” and to learn more about GCSAA’s BMP program, visit www.gcsaa.org/bmp.