2021 News Releases

Three more states fill Grassroots Ambassador positions

by Jan 19, 2021 | Kate Hiebert

GCSAA commends the affiliated chapters in the states of Indiana, Kentucky and Vermont for pairing each member of their Congressional delegation with a GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador. These three states join 31 others in completely filling their Grassroots Ambassador positions, bringing the total Ambassador count to 461 out of 535.

The goal of the Grassroots Ambassador Program is to pair a GCSAA member with every Member of Congress in order to build a proactive relationship. Filling the Grassroots Ambassador positions of every state helps GCSAA expand our advocacy network and share the stories of golf course management professionals directly with lawmakers. This program will continue to be critically important to our advocacy efforts as we move into a new Congress in 2021.

GCSAA would like to recognize the following Grassroots Ambassadors:

Jake Paver
Ryan Cummings
Brandon Razo
Michael Dunk, CGCS
Caleb Lyttle
Brent Downs
Chris Groene
Jeffrey Sexton, CGCS
Anthony Robertson
Kevin Custis
Phillip Fischer

Shannon Watson
Kevin Glover, CGCS
Kirk Dolan
Damon Hitti
Brad Reynolds
Andrew Wolfe
Kraig Kinder
Jacob Blair

Nate Dyer
Kevin Komer, CGCS
Albert Choiniere

GCSAA’s Government Affairs team needs your help to fill the remaining 75 Grassroots Ambassador spots. Review the latest Grassroots Ambassador state breakdown to see if there are open positions in your state. Any GCSAA member who fills one of the remaining Grassroots Ambassador spots by joining the program or recruiting another member will receive a $50 gift card.

If your state or district is filled, you are still able to join the army of golf industry supporters as a member of a GCSAA Advocacy Team. Advocacy Team members can help weigh in on the association’s Priority Issues Agenda and may be assigned to work with governors, state legislators, or elected officials at the local level.

If you would like to become a Grassroots Ambassador, join a GCSAA Advocacy Team or help recruit for the program, contact Michael Lee, manager, government affairs, at 800-472-7878, ext. 3612.