2023 News Releases

Fourteen GCSAA chapters receive education grants through the GCSAA Foundation

by Aug 01, 2023 | Kelsey Underwood


The 2023 Chapter Education Grants are one-time education grants, presented in partnership with ClubProcure

Lawrence, Kan. (Aug. 1, 2023) Fourteen GCSAA-affiliated chapters have received one-time education grants from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, administered through the GCSAA Foundation in partnership with ClubProcure (formerly known as VGM Club), a service provider in the club industry. The education grants total $12,000 and range from $700 to $1,000 per grant.

“ClubProcure is proud to support the GCSAA Foundation and the GCSAA-affiliated chapters through this grant opportunity. We value the importance of quality education for each chapter, and we hope these members can further their educational development with our support,” said Mike Woltz, ClubProcure VP Business Development Agronomy.

ClubProcure has donated a total of $27,000 this year to support the GCSAA Foundation’s mission by establishing the chapter programming grant initiative that launched, including a $5,000 donation supporting the Larry Powell Scholarship, which was awarded to the inaugural recipient at the 2023 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show.

As part of this gift, ClubProcure has also donated $10,000 to the Foundation’s Annual Fund. With this donation, ClubProcure is recognized as a member of the Foundation’s Platinum Tee Club and has moved into the Executive Club level of donors that have contributed between $25,000-$49,999 since 1987 as part of the Cumulative Giving Program. 

The following chapters were awarded a Chapter Education Grant in 2023:

Central Illinois GCSA                                    $700

Central Texas GCSA                                      $700

Connecticut Association of GCS                 $1,000

GCSA of Arkansas                                         $700

GCSA of Cape Cod                                        $1,000

GCSA of Central California                          $700

GCSA of New Jersey                                     $1,000

GCSA of New York                                        $750

Hawaii GCSA                                                 $1,000

Metropolitan GCSA                                      $1,000

Nebraska GCSA                                            $700

San Diego GCSA                                           $750

Sierra Nevada GCSA                                    $1,000

Southern Nevada GCSA                              $1,000

To learn more about the new Chapter Education Grants, presented in partnership with ClubProcure, visit www.gcsaa.org/foundation/education. To learn more about ClubProcure, visit www.clubprocure.com.