2023 News Releases

GCSAA Foundation launches newsletter to highlight and drive continued success

by Aug 08, 2023 | Angela Hartmann

The GCSAA Foundation announce the launch of a newsletter, GCSAA Beyond the Course, to share highlights on GCSAA Foundation initiatives, their effects on members and celebrate donations. The monthly newsletter will focus on sharing updates with donors and potential donors on the successes of the GCSAA Foundation in funding critical research, education, advocacy, and scholarships benefiting GCSAA members, other golf course management professionals, golf facilities and the game. It will be distributed via a link in an upcoming issue of GCSAA This Week for members to opt into and made available to industry partners and golfers. Designed to be a fast way to learn, the newsletter will feature quick-read articles and short video reels sharing how the GCSAA Foundation will be benefiting members and the industry in keeping golf courses sustainable as a way to grow the game and business of golf. 

Through its support, the GCSAA Foundation has funded important initiatives such as the GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador Program which recently surpassed 500 GCSAA member ambassador volunteers who serve as the “go-to” resources for law makers and their staff for golf course management issues. Funds raised by the GCSAA Foundation have also powered the GCSAA First Green program enabling GCSAA members and educators to provide hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education on golf courses. Through the funding by the GCSAA Foundation and USGA, GCSAA recently completed the third phase of its Golf Course Environmental Profile (GCEP), a groundbreaking project launched in 2005 to develop a comprehensive environmental profile of golf courses in the United States. The latest GCEP reports show that golf courses are applying fewer inputs since the GCEP began in 2005. According to the studies, nitrogen use is down by 41 percent, phosphorus use is down 59 percent and potassium use is down by 54 percent since 2005. In addition, golf courses in the U.S. saw a 29% reduction in water usage in 2021 compared to 2005. Collecting this information is critical to driving research, implementing new practices and supporting advocacy efforts.

“Supporting the GCSAA Foundation is more critical than ever,” said Mischia Wright, GCSAA director of GCSAA Foundation development. “As golf courses face increased environmental, governmental, and economic pressures, the GCSAA Foundation will be vital in funding initiatives enabling golf courses to remain sustainable. Because without a golf course, there is no game or business of golf”. 

 To learn more and donate to your GCSAA Foundation visit https://www.gcsaa.org/foundation.