50 by 2020 BMP initiative update – December on the Horizon

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Thirty-nine states now have comprehensive BMP manuals (see the current U.S. BMP Map). Congratulations to all who have achieved success. Eleven states have yet to publish their BMP manuals, but many are well underway. GCSAA encourages chapter leaders to publish their BMPs within GCSAA’s on-line National Template and BMP Planning Guide before the holidays and certainly before the end of the year. This includes states with existing manuals who received grants to put their BMPs within GCSAA’s National Template and Planning Guide. It is important to have your BMPs available within the National Template and Planning Guide. So, members can create their facility manuals using their state specific BMPs.

Members can use GCSAA’s Facility BMP Planning Guide which is a separate on-line planning guide and its content is populated by the state BMPs published within the National BMP Template and Planning Guide. Members can log-in to the Facility BMP Planning Guide with their GCSAA user information and they are automatically aligned with their state BMP manual. Facility adoption and creation of facility BMP manuals will help GCSAA and your state advocate for the profession and industry. Staff have published micro-videos with “how to information” that will more easily guide members with the Facility BMP Planning Guide. These videos and other on-demand webinars are available on GCSAA’s BMP webpage.  (https://www.gcsaa.org/environment/bmp-planning-guide) GCSAA is working to provide virtual BMP workshops for every state, chapter, and smaller groups throughout the U.S. Got questions about the Facility BMP Planning Guide or having a virtual BMP workshop? Please contact Mark Johnson, associate director of environmental programs via email mjohnson@gcsaa.org.