GCSAA Chapter Outreach Grant Program

Although GCSAA dedicates considerable resources to national outreach, those efforts alone are not enough to achieve desired results. For this reason, GCSAA has established a fund to help chapters engage in activities that complement its efforts to communicate the value of membership to key constituents, primarily golfers and employers. A total of $20,000 is available each year for grants.

For more information

Contact Angela Hartmann, director, communications, at 800-472-7878, ext. 3647, or ahartmann@gcsaa.org.

Grant guidelines

The GCSAA communications department determines that each application meets the guidelines for eligibility and then a GCSAA member task group reviews all applications.

The following criteria are used for outreach awards:

  1. First priority will be given to those chapters that have not received a grant in the last three years.
  2. The chapter must start its outreach activities within two calendar years. For example: awards granted in 2022 must be used by the end of 2023.
  3. The chapter must provide matching funds equal to the amount requested. For example: A request of $1,500 must be equaled by at least $1,500 from the chapter.
  4. The outreach activity should address a specific communications need, but not be a duplication of efforts undertaken by the GCSAA at the national level on behalf of the membership. For example: a request for money for general promotional materials will not be approved, since GCSAA provides print, audio and video collateral communications at the national level. But, a request for funds to buy commercial time using the national message on radio or television with a chapter tag line would be considered.
  5. When applicable, the activity must include use of the GCSAA logo.  
  6. Funds must be requested for future programs and not retroactively for past efforts.
  7. GCSAA reserves the right to request the return of outreach funds if not used in accordance of the guidelines as detailed on the application.
  8. Funds will not be approved to supplement current staff salaries. However, funds will be considered for freelance support or intern stipends to work on a specific communications outreach project.
  9. Any chapter request may not exceed $3,000.

The following chapters were awarded a Chapter Outreach Grant in 2021.

  • Carolinas GCSA
    To further leverage the national effort behind BMPs, developed a poster campaign to promote the message of superintendents as sound environmental stewards.
  • Metropolitan GCSA
    Initiation of facility BMP plans and and a full-page advertisement in the MetGolfer.
  • Minnesota GCSA
    Digital billboard campaign during TPC Twin Cities displaying environmental stewardship.
  • Nebraska GCSA
    Support of the newly formed Nebraska Golf Alliance, of which NGCSA is a founding member.
  • GCSA of New England
    Created video clips displaying several key maintenance practices that will be publicized to the golf world.
  • GCSA of New Jersey
    Created a promotional video to use as an advertising and educational tool to introduce the industry's career opportunities to high school and college students.
  • Oregon GCSA
    Media outreach for ongoing service project, in conjunction with the Western Washington GCSA, at Veteran's Golf Course, which serves disabled veterans.
  • Philadelphia Association of GCS
    Sponsored Junior Achievement career fair and hosted a booth and partnered with local golf show.
  • Southern Nevada GCSA
    Produced PSA videos with information gained through the golf economic impact study done in the state of Nevada to inform local players what golf does for the local economy..