Repairing ballmarks

Ball marks, the indentations caused when a ball lands sharply on a soft green, have been ruining good putts since the days of Old Tom Morris.

Unrepaired ball marks take two to three weeks to properly heal, leaving behind unsightly, uneven putting surfaces. On the other hand, a repaired ball mark only takes half that time to heal.

Beginner or pro, it is your responsibility as a golfer to fix your own marks. If you're truly a steward of the game, you'll fix any others you see while your partners are putting. There's really not much to it, but there are a few guidelines you should follow when making these repairs.

The right way to fix a ball mark

Ball mark: Step 1 Step 1:
Use a pronged ball mark repair tool, knife, key or tee.

Ball mark: Step 2
Step 2:
Insert the repair tool at the edges of the mark; not the middle of the depression.

Ball mark: Step 3
Step 3:
Bring the edges together with a gentle twisting motion, but don't lift the center. Try not to tear the grass.

Ball mark: Step 4
Step 4:
Smooth the surface with a club or your foot. Repeat steps until the surface is one you would want to putt over.