GCSAA Auction $Bucks let you bid on lifestyle items at the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show

by Jan 10, 2023 | GCSAA Staff


Exciting new program is free for all attendees on Thursday, Feb. 9, as part of Super Thursday.

Lawrence, Kan. (Jan. 10, 2023) The GCSAA Conference and Trade Show (CTS23) offers valuable education, interactive opportunities to discover new products, equipment, and services to support the essential role GCSAA members and their teams play in golf’s success.  The event also provides many opportunities to meet, collaborate and create new relationships. To further increase the value of the attendee experience, GCSAA is excited to introduce GCSAA Auction $Bucks at the 2023 event.

GCSAA Auction $Bucks are another interactive part of CTS23. Using the complimentary CTS23 mobile app, powered by Envu, attendees will be rewarded with GCSAA Auction $Bucks by visiting booths on Super Thursday, February 9. The more booths visited, the more attendees earn to bid on valuable lifestyle items, ranging from a Tracker bass boat to a John Deere specialty utility vehicle to golf clubs, fishing gear, truck accessories, and more at a live auction during the GCSAA Send-Off Celebration, presented in partnership with John Deere.

“GCSAA Auction $Bucks are another example of how our team is continually elevating the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show into the most interactive experience you won’t find anywhere else,” said GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans. “The idea was created by our staff to add even more excitement for our members and other industry professionals on Thursday as well as create even more engagement with our almost 500 exhibitors at this year’s event.”

It is simple for attendees to participate in the GCSAA Auction $Bucks program. Register to attend at www.gcsaaconference.com. Starting January 21, go to the Apple App or Google Android App store and download the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show mobile app, powered by Envu. On Thursday, February 9, visit with GCSAA Conference and Trade Show exhibitors, learn about their products and services, scan the QR code and earn GCSAA Auction $Bucks. The live auction at the GCSAA Send-Off Celebration starts at 3 p.m. GCSAA Auction $Bucks items will be displayed on the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show floor during both days of the show.