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HEROES Act Passes the U.S. House

by Government Affairs Team | May 19, 2020

On May 15, the House voted on and passed a $3-trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill unveiled by the Democratic Majority as part of the next steps to address the pandemic. The great news is that it would expand eligibility for the popular Paycheck Protection Program to include all 501c organizations, including 501c6 orgs and 501c7 orgs.

The inclusion of all 501c orgs in a bill sponsored by the House Democratic majority is welcome news. It indicates that all of GCSAA’s direct and grassroots lobbying efforts have made a difference. While there still has to be negotiation with the Senate, the crisis the country is facing indicates there will be another stimulus bill at some point, most likely after Memorial Day.

This is a first step in what is expected to be a long process. GCSAA and its members will continue to work toward a successful conclusion. The House bill has little chance of being considered in the Senate and sent to President Trump for his signature. Speaker Pelosi has said this bill is a starting point for negotiations. The Senate Republican Majority is working on a separate, more limited package that is expected to include liability reforms to protect employers and businesses from lawsuits related to the coronavirus among other priorities.

GCSAA thanks its members for the continued outreach on this important issue and the Government Affairs team will continue to work with the We Are Golf coalition to support passage of COVID relief legislation that supports the viability of golf properties across the United States.

Below are some resources to help you better understand the HEROES Act:

  • The text of The Heroes Act, H.R. 6800, is here and the 501c language is found on page 821 and 822. 
  • A US Chamber one pager on the legislation is here.
  • A US Chamber section-by-section summary is here.
  • A US Chamber resource on the state and local relief provisions is here

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