GCSAA Best Management Practices Grant Program

GCSAA and the EIFG are pleased to offer funding for chapters to use with their Best Management Practices (BMP) programs. The GCSAA BMP Grant Program is supported by the PGA Tour through the EIFG. This program is part of the overall BMP Initiative in partnership with the USGA.

Agronomic and environmental best management practices are key to successful golf course operations. They are also key to successful advocacy and ensuring golf's license to do business. GCSAA and the EIFG recommend the use of BMPs and the development of state or regional BMP programs by chapters for success. Examples of these include:

  • Best Management Practices for New York State Golf Courses
  • Best Management Practices for the Enhancement of Environmental Quality on Florida Golf Courses
  • Best Management Practices for Turfgrass Water Conservation (Georgia)
  • Environmental Best Management Practices for Virginia's Golf Courses
  • Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program
  • Oregon Environmental Stewardship Guidelines

GCSAA will offer grants, through funding from the EIFG, to chapters for developing new guides, updating existing guides or for verification programs. Applications from non-golf course superintendents associations must have letters of support from the supporting GCSAA affiliated chapter(s) accompanying complete application forms. Grants do not require matching funds as project expenses are expected to exceed our grant allocations. Grant requests should not exceed $10,000.

Grant applications will be reviewed and ranked by a GCSAA member task group. In 2019, priority will be given to states without comprehensive BMP programs. Chapters should coordinate and submit one application per state using GCSAA’s BMP Planning Guide and Template. Priority is given to help GCSAA achieve 50 states with BMP programs by 2020.

2018 BMP Grant Recipients

  • Colorado
    Rocky Mountain GCSA
  • Delaware
    Eastern Shore AGCS
  • Georgia
    Georgia GCSA
  • Hawaii
    Hawaii GCSA
  • Indiana
    Hoosier GCSA
  • Kansas
    Heart of America GCSA
  • Maine
    Maine GCSA
  • Montana and Wyoming
    Peaks & Prairies GCSA
  • Nebraska
    Nebraska GCSA
  • Nevada
    Southern Nevada GCSA
  • New Jersey
    GCSA of New Jersey
  • New York
    Metropolitan GCSA
  • North Dakota
    North Central Turfgrass Association
  • Oklahoma
    Oklahoma GCSA
  • Oregon
    Oregon GCSA
  • Utah
    Intermountain GCSA
  • Washington
    Western Washington GCSA

For more information, contact Emily Fuger, manager, environmental programs, at 800-472-7878, ext. 5163, or efuger@gcsaa.org