Value of Competency-Based Education for Equipment Managers

GCSAA education is driven by competencies, ensuring that the education addresses real-world needs of turf equipment managers. In 2016, a group of expert-level equipment managers defined the competencies of a baseline-qualified turf equipment technician through a job task analysis. In future years, experts will define higher level equipment management competencies, including advanced knowledge of the existing eight domains of competency and emphasis the business, communication and leadership skills required of elite turf equipment managers.

For chapters planning equipment management education events, the competencies can serve as a road map for developing relevant education for the EM audience.

Each of the eight domains contains categories and competencies which make up the body of knowledge for turf equipment technicians, highlighting the skills and abilities required.

  • Cutting Units
  • Drivetrain Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Engine Systems
  • Fundamentals of Turfgrass Operations
  • Hydraulics Systems
  • Metalworking and Fabrication
  • Spray Systems

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