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Randy Robinson

Central Plains regional representative

Robinson joined the GCSAA staff following six years as executive director of the Iowa Turfgrass Institute. From 2006 to 2015, he was the golf course superintendent at Ballard Golf and Country Club in Huxley, Iowa. He resides in Huxley.
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Field staff report

Managing the Golf Course During the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Steve Randall | Apr 09, 2020

As we enter mid-April, we have seen many things have changed over the past 6 weeks right before our eyes! First we hope you and your family are safe during this difficult time. A shout out to your chapter leaders. GCSAA and your chapter have been working in concert to ensure you have resources and information at your fingertips. Chapter leaders are also there to provide the information needed to perform your job, while adhering to CDC and health guidelines.

As golf courses are living habitats, they require some form of maintenance to continue to act as safe and environmentally friendly assets to the communities they serve. Superintendents have enacted plans to keep employees safe while adhering to CDC guidelines and state and local executive orders to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. GCSAA has resources available to assist superintendents as crew safety remains the number one priority.

Whether your facility is open for play, or solely maintaining the property, minimum maintenance is, and will continue to be the focus. The GCSAA and USGA have information available for minimum maintenance practices. As always, be sure to work with your facility management and legal teams, as well as local law enforcement/authorities as you continue to maintain the property. Simply visit www.gcsaa.org for all the information needed. We update information on our Covid-19 links regularly.

Minimum Maintenance for Golf

As state and federal executive orders are updated and new policy is introduced, GCSAA will monitor the situation and work with allied associations on behalf of the golf industry.

Please be sure to reach out with any questions as you navigate this unprecedented time and all the best!

Steve Randall



  • Timothy M Gramith, Class C, Chaska
  • Christopher Rust, Class C, Saint Paul


  • Bryan Meyer, Class C, Eureka
  • William Nelson, Class C, Eureka
  • Caleb M Seidel, Class C, Springfield


  • Nick R Pusek, Class SW, Lincoln

North Dakota

  • Chad T Blank, Class S, Fargo


  • Kevin R Johnson, formerly (B) at Painted Mountain Golf Course, is now (B) at Grandview Golf Club in Duluth
  • Joshua S Lemons, formerly (C) at Golden Valley Country Club, is now (C) at Olympic Hills Golf Club in Eden Prairie
  • Joe T LeVoir, formerly (C) at Northland Country Club, is now (C) at North Oaks Golf Club in North Oaks


  • John Overby, formerly (EM) at Milburn Golf & Country Club, is now (EM) at Turf Mechanic Solution in Lees Summit
  • Tim D Schwierjohn, formerly (A) at Pomme Creek Golf Course, is now (A) at Redexim North America in Valley Park
  • Raymond S Seifert, formerly (A) at Bella Vista Country Club, is now (A) at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale


  • Jeffrey E Gasseling, formerly (A) at Highlands Golf Course, is now (A) at Mahoney Golf Course in Lincoln
  • Keith E Kline, formerly (C) at Quail Run Golf Course, is now (B) at Quail Run Golf Course in Columbus
  • Kit I Lofgreen, formerly (S) at Southeast Community College, is now (S) at Bayside Golf Course in Brule

Upcoming events

Upcoming events in the region. This is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you have an addition to make, please reach out.

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This region includes Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota.