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Steve Randall

Central Plains regional representative

After many years in golf administration, Steve now serves as GCSAA's Central Plains regional representative and associate director, chapter outreach. He resides in Lawrence, Kan.
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Field staff report

Your Association For You

by Steve Randall | Mar 25, 2021

As we head into spring and hopefully a successful summer, there has been plenty of activity around the region and at GCSAA. Let's take a look.

GCSAA - HQ Overview

GCSAA is coming off a very successful virtual Golf Industry Show. We hope you had the chance to attend and take advantage of the on-demand options. Participants enjoyed the education sessions, and the “Live from GCSAA” feature was well received also.

As preparations for the 2022 show in San Diego proceed, we’d like your thoughts and input for future shows. As plans unfold, we will provide the membership with the latest information.

Member App

GCSAA recently launched a new app to assist your daily efforts. It’s GCSAA mobile at your fingertips! The membership directory, events, information and education opportunities are available on your mobile device.

If you have any previous versions of the GCSAA App, they will not hold the latest data and info.  Just visit your app store and download today!

First Green Events – Consider Hosting

GCSAA continues to promote First Green Field trips, which educate students through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at your golf course.  You can also visit www.firstgreen.org for more information. Kudos to those in Minnesota who held the state's first ever field trip this March!

Thank a Golf Course Superintendent

Be on the lookout for the continuation of the “Thank a Golf Course Superintendent” campaign.  Last year, it was a worldwide effort and plans are to continue to concept.

We are looking to have the event in the late summer/early fall. Last year the campaign reached nearly 7 million comments/likes/shares on social media platform. On the Golf Channel, there were over 4 million impressions. 

BMP’s the Ongoing Process

Kudos to all states for completing the 50 states by 2020 BMP process. Now that BMPs are in place, we are working with various facilities on adopting those BMPs. 

We’ve made the process easy. Just visit GCSAA.org/BMPs and you will be routed to inputting and developing your own facility BMP, using your state BMP as a guide!

This is a very important process. The more information we can provide to national, state, and local officials how our profession handles daily functions on the course, the better we will be to preserve those resources.

GCSAA is also hosting BMP facility workshops.  If there are any questions on the process, please contact me!

Member Needs

In late 2020, GCSAA sent out its annual member needs survey. We will continue the process in 2021. First off, please participate!  It’s your chance to be heard and have input on GCSAA programs.

In 2020, we continued to see excellent satisfaction with GCSAA and chapter services. Please see your chapter as a key to success. The board/staff are working hard at the local level on your behalf. GCSAA continues to see chapters as a priority to serve members.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.  Have a great year!



  • Timothy M Gramith, Class C, Chaska
  • Christopher Rust, Class C, Saint Paul


  • Bryan Meyer, Class C, Eureka
  • William Nelson, Class C, Eureka
  • Caleb M Seidel, Class C, Springfield


  • Nick R Pusek, Class SW, Lincoln

North Dakota

  • Chad T Blank, Class S, Fargo


  • Kevin R Johnson, formerly (B) at Painted Mountain Golf Course, is now (B) at Grandview Golf Club in Duluth
  • Joshua S Lemons, formerly (C) at Golden Valley Country Club, is now (C) at Olympic Hills Golf Club in Eden Prairie
  • Joe T LeVoir, formerly (C) at Northland Country Club, is now (C) at North Oaks Golf Club in North Oaks


  • John Overby, formerly (EM) at Milburn Golf & Country Club, is now (EM) at Turf Mechanic Solution in Lees Summit
  • Tim D Schwierjohn, formerly (A) at Pomme Creek Golf Course, is now (A) at Redexim North America in Valley Park
  • Raymond S Seifert, formerly (A) at Bella Vista Country Club, is now (A) at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale


  • Jeffrey E Gasseling, formerly (A) at Highlands Golf Course, is now (A) at Mahoney Golf Course in Lincoln
  • Keith E Kline, formerly (C) at Quail Run Golf Course, is now (B) at Quail Run Golf Course in Columbus
  • Kit I Lofgreen, formerly (S) at Southeast Community College, is now (S) at Bayside Golf Course in Brule

Upcoming events

Upcoming events in the region. This is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you have an addition to make, please reach out.

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