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Randy Robinson

Central Plains regional representative

Robinson joined the GCSAA staff following six years as executive director of the Iowa Turfgrass Institute. From 2006 to 2015, he was the golf course superintendent at Ballard Golf and Country Club in Huxley, Iowa. He resides in Huxley.
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Field staff report

Get Out and Play!

by Randy Robinson | Apr 05, 2022

For those of you that don't know me, I love golf! I love everything about the game. I love the finely manicured surfaces, the attention to detail, the honor bestowed upon the players, and the history of the game. More than anything, I love to play golf. Before I was blessed with four children, I was a pretty good stick, but family has taken much of my time and I no longer play as much as I want. In fact, I played more golf when I was a superintendent than I do now.

Crazy idea, right?!  A superintendent that plays his course at least once a week? Not crazy, in fact, it made me better at my job. My outlook was to make the course play the best that I could make it play for the golfers/members and to do it as cost-effectively and environmentally friendly as possible. Every morning, I would take my putter and putt at pin placements that were borderline too tough, checking every angle and distance I could. That gave me a feel for what the golfers were going to experience. When I did get out and play after work, I would concentrate on how the greens were responding to certain shots, certain chips, and also feeling the flow of pace of play.

The next day, I would consider what we had done in previous days that might affect what I was experiencing on the course as a golfer. Why guess how a ball will respond on the green from 150 yards? Why guess that what you are doing isn't going to speed up or slow down play? Why take the word of members that the greens were slow or bumpy?
It's not worth taking a chance on.

There are many superintendents that I know that don't like to play where they work. I've been there and I understand that. Whether you do or don't play your course doesn't make you a good or bad superintendent.

But, in my opinion, the greatest tool in your tool box might just be the experience you had on your own course. So, get out there and play and enjoy what you've worked so hard for.



  • Timothy M Gramith, Class C, Chaska
  • Christopher Rust, Class C, Saint Paul


  • Bryan Meyer, Class C, Eureka
  • William Nelson, Class C, Eureka
  • Caleb M Seidel, Class C, Springfield


  • Nick R Pusek, Class SW, Lincoln

North Dakota

  • Chad T Blank, Class S, Fargo


  • Kevin R Johnson, formerly (B) at Painted Mountain Golf Course, is now (B) at Grandview Golf Club in Duluth
  • Joshua S Lemons, formerly (C) at Golden Valley Country Club, is now (C) at Olympic Hills Golf Club in Eden Prairie
  • Joe T LeVoir, formerly (C) at Northland Country Club, is now (C) at North Oaks Golf Club in North Oaks


  • John Overby, formerly (EM) at Milburn Golf & Country Club, is now (EM) at Turf Mechanic Solution in Lees Summit
  • Tim D Schwierjohn, formerly (A) at Pomme Creek Golf Course, is now (A) at Redexim North America in Valley Park
  • Raymond S Seifert, formerly (A) at Bella Vista Country Club, is now (A) at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale


  • Jeffrey E Gasseling, formerly (A) at Highlands Golf Course, is now (A) at Mahoney Golf Course in Lincoln
  • Keith E Kline, formerly (C) at Quail Run Golf Course, is now (B) at Quail Run Golf Course in Columbus
  • Kit I Lofgreen, formerly (S) at Southeast Community College, is now (S) at Bayside Golf Course in Brule

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