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Randy Robinson

Central Plains regional representative

Robinson joined the GCSAA staff following six years as executive director of the Iowa Turfgrass Institute. From 2006 to 2015, he was the golf course superintendent at Ballard Golf and Country Club in Huxley, Iowa. He resides in Huxley.
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Field staff report

Co-Ed Event For The Win

by Randy Robinson | Sep 01, 2022

Recently, I was able to travel to St. Louis with my family. The trip was centered around Mississippi Valley GCSA (MVGCSA) chapter event that was held on August 12. I had heard so much about all the fun things for families in St. Louis and I was already planning on going, so why not? We packed in Six Flags amusement park and the St. Louis Zoo on the trip, highly recommend the zoo! I guess the point is that I made time for my wife and family to experience what I get to do and meet some of the people I get to work with. That brings me to the actual event.

MVGCSA at Top Golf

Every year, the MVGCSA hosts an event at Top Golf in St. Louis. Chesterfield, to be exact. The event brings members and their significant others together for a social and networking event in a very casual atmosphere. While there, I did my thing, I met with many members of the GCSAA and talked to many local members that weren't yet. We discussed retirements, BMP manuals, flood damage and future chapter events. I must admit, going into the event, I wasn't sure how my wife would like it. She loves to golf, but she isn't a social butterfly, as she calls me. To my surprise, I barely talked to her all night. In fact, another wife came, and she and my wife had the exact same outfit on.  They had never met each other before but were wearing the exact same shirt and the same pants. They saw each other, and at the same time, both started laughing. Now they are friends on all social media app. My wife had a blast at the event with a lot of superintendents and their significant others. If your chapter is looking for "outside the box" ideas for a chapter event, this might be a great idea for you to try.

I leave you with this: None of us can do what we do without the support and love of our family. The job itself is unlike any other job, the hours are unpredictable, the stress can be overwhelming and we take for granted those that allow us to pursue our passion. Our families feel that stress as well, so it was nice for significant others to make connections with each other to talk to about the stresses. After the event I attended, I recommend all chapters planning an event that involves the special people in our lives.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events in the region. This is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you have an addition to make, please reach out.

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