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A former assistant golf course superintendent, Shane joined the GCSAA staff in 2015. He resides in Chicago, Ill.
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by Shane Conroy | Apr 09, 2024

Self-promotion is something many are uncomfortable with. Who wants to be known as that person who is always boasting about their achievements, or worse, coming off as being seen egotistical or arrogant?  

However, promoting oneself at your facility shouldn’t be seen in a negative light, and as the saying goes, there is a time and a place.

Promoting GCSAA members, the industry, and membership achievements are pillars of the association. The promotions are done through a variety of avenues to continually move the industry forward. Recognizing the host superintendent on televised golf events, GCM articles, media appearances when hosting First Green field trips, GCSAA members contributing to Golf Digest and Golf Magazine articles, and the international Thank a Superintendent Day are just a handful of the ways the profession and members are promoted in and out of our great industry.  

The promotion shouldn’t stop there, however. There are other opportunities to promote your membership achievements at your facility, as well as to members and golfers alike.

If you have earned your GCSAA Class A membership, GCSAA has put together a Class A Toolkit to help you promote your achievement to those at your facility. The toolkit includes:

  • Letter to your employer
    • GCSAA will send congratulatory letters to up to three employers announcing your Class A status. The personalized announcement will be mailed to the contacts and addresses provided and copies of each correspondence will be sent to you via mail.
  • Class A Member certificate
    • Display your achievement with a Class A member certificate. Complete this request form to receive your certificate in the mail.
  • Class A member logo
  • News release
    • Create a personalized press release to share your Class A member status. To develop a press release, complete the news release form, either for new Class A members or renewed Class A members. The information provided will automatically pre-populate into a personalized press release that you can distribute to various media outlets.
  • Newsletter article
    • Highlight your achievement in your facility’s newsletter via a PDF.

Promoting the Certified Golf Course Superintendent (CGCS) designation can be done in similar ways as promoting Class A status. The CGCS designation is bestowed upon those who have demonstrated a high degree of knowledge in the golf course management profession. The CGCS designation is the most widely recognized in the golf industry and the highest recognition that can be achieved by golf course superintendents.

For those who have achieved the prestigious designation of certified golf course superintendent, you'll want to take advantage of the following resources to help you promote your CGCS status:

  • CGCS Logos
  • Media Recognition
    • GCSAA will promote your achievement through its social media and other outlets. If you would like to notify your local media outlets, contact Shelia Finney, senior director, member services.
  • Custom Letter
    • GCSAA will provide a customized letter which you can send to employers, owners, and board members to promote your newly certified or recertified status. Request your letter

Unveiled just last year, the Certified Turf Equipment Manager (CTEM) designation is bestowed upon those who have demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and proficiency in their profession. The CTEM designation is the highest recognition that can be achieved by turf equipment management professionals.

For the select group who have earned their CTEM designation, their achievement can be promoted by:

  • Custom Letter
    • GCSAA will provide a customized letter that you can send to employers, owners, HR professionals, to promote your newly certified or recertified CTEM status.

Earning your GCSAA Class A membership, CGCS designation, or CTEM designation are career achievements and should be celebrated as such. You worked hard to earn these membership accomplishments and if there is a time and place for self-promotion, letting others at your facility know about your career achievements is that time and place. 

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