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A former superintendent, Kevin also has an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. He resides in Milford, N.H.
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Field staff report

Word of Mouth

by Kevin Doyle | Feb 09, 2022

One talking point that has been a lead topic at every site visit I can remember is labor.  In the early years it would typically revolve around the quality of the crew.  Now of course, discussion leans more towards volume, are you able to find enough labor.  There are forward thinking people undertaking creative ways to solve those issues, and enterprising individuals blazing trails to assist others.  One recent site visit reminded me the that the oldest marketing strategy may still be a very effective method.  While word of mouth may work for some, would it work for you?

I was delighted to hear Chris Johnson at Bellport CC tell me that his labor was in good shape.  For this to occur on the south coast of Long Island was truly surprising to me.  I know so many superintendents on the Island struggle to find labor.  Johnson explained to me that a 2020 hire had recommended employment at the club to a family member.  She was brought on this year and was a great fit!  Word of mouth working at its best, but is it really that easy?

So let’s say one of your employees approached me and wanted me to work at your facility.  What do you think they would say?  They could be your biggest sales staff.  Good pay, engaging work, flexible hours when needed, and being a wonderful place to work?   That would pique my interest. 

Now if I approached a friend of mine, one of your employees, and asked if they are hiring.  I didn’t receive the afore mentioned information, instead I got the opposite.  Pay is ok, no flexibility to handle personal items, some people are nice but all I do is string trim and rake bunkers. 

If you have tried to utilize current employees to fill out your staff, they may indeed have already given you a heads-up about your operation.  If it worked, you may have found a great mix of the items employees are looking for.  If your word-of-mouth initiative wasn’t successful, understanding why could help grow your crew/business.

My area of the several local newsletters has expanded on employee feedback before.  The staff performing daily tasks are often the best resources for ideas to maximize efficiency.  We have highlighted off-season strategic planning and how building a plan with the entire staff can build ownership in those new-innovative ideas.  Consider utilizing your best possible sales staff, your current employees, to ensure your facility and employment opportunities are the best they could possibly be.  If your employees are seeking to bring friends or loved ones to your team, you know you have built an employee package and inclusive culture that everyone at the facility can be proud of.



  • Jake Reynolds, Class S, Storrs


  • Justin McClellan, Class AF, Brookliner

New Hampshire

  • Nathan E Garland, Class C, Rye Beach

New Jersey

  • James E Casazza, Class B, Lafayette
  • Nicholas Fino, Class S, New Brunswick
  • Scott J Hulse, Class S, New Brunswick
  • Ryan D Tretter, Class C, Deal

New York

  • Gregory Chaffee, Class B, Webster
  • Richard J Wilcox, Class EM, Verona

Rhode Island

  • Jordan Koester, Class S, Kingston


  • James J Carlton, formerly (S) at SUNY Delhi, is now (C) at Silver Spring Country Club in Norwalk
  • Teddy Norman, formerly (C) at Great River Golf Club, is now (C) at New Haven Country Club in Hamden
  • Brandon Okurowski, formerly (S) at Michigan State University, is now (C) at The Stanwich Club in Greenwich


  • Evan Embrey, formerly (C) at Rumson Country Club, is now (C) at The Woodlands Club in Falmouth


  • JAndrzej P Strzepek, formerly (S) at North Shore Community College, is now (S) at Belmont Country Club in Belmont

New Jersey

  • Jeremy R Dilks, formerly (B) at JC Melrose Country Club, is now (B) at Woodcrest Country Club in Cherry Hill
  • Joseph Scioscia, formerly (C) at Somerset Hills Country Club, is now (B) at Spring Brook Country Club in Morristown

New York

  • Ryan J Baker, formerly (S) at Rutgers State University, is now (S) at National Golf Links of America in Southampton
  • Codie S LaPlante, formerly (C) at East Lake Golf Club, is now (C) at Rockville Links Club in Rockville Centre
  • Daniel C Powell, formerly (C) at Piping Rock Club, is now (B) at Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley
  • Greg Tudor, formerly (A) at Schuyler Meadows Club, is now (A) at Frear Park Municipal Golf Course in Troy
  • Shawn R Westridge, formerly (SW) at SUNY Cobleskill, is now (C) at The Tuxedo Club in Tuxedo Park

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