2014 Equipment Survey Report

The survey polled superintendents on maintenance equipment purchasing and use.

The intent of this survey is to study equipment purchasing and use habits of superintendents in the U.S.

About the survey

An online survey was sent to 8,321 superintendent members of the GCSAA in the United States. The final response set of completed surveys totaled 2,274 of the 8,321 distributed, a response rate of 27%. Results are reported by age, greens fee, facility type and number of holes.

To access the report online, you must be a GCSAA Class A, B, C, E, EM or ISM member. Login for access. It is also available for purchase, see below to order.

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What's in the report?

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Highlights from the report

Superintendents were asked: "Within the past 5 years, which of the following ways have you financed or purchased equipment?"

Equipment Survery 5 years Equipment

Superintendents were asked: "How much do you spend annually on Equipment Repairs?"

Equipment Survey Annual equip repair