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Before joining the GCSAA staff, John Walker was a superintendent, 30-year GCSAA member and past GCSAA board director.
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Field staff report

Wisdom from Top Gun

by Johnny Walker | Sep 12, 2019

I recently saw the movie trailer for the remake of Top Gun coming out next year. The original Top Gun is in my top 5 all-time favorite movies. I am reminded of one of the last scenes in the movie where Iceman is in a dog fight by himself and he is waiting for Maverick to join the fight but Maverick is unsure if he is ready to help. Iceman yells into his radio, "engage, (obscenity), engage (obscenity)." I am sure you all remember that scene.

I paint you that picture to remind you that annual meetings are scheduled this fall for many chapters, and new board directors will be elected. As Iceman said in the movie, "engage, (obscenity)." All chapters need new leadership and now is the time for you to step up and help your chapter succeed. If you are not sure about the commitment, give me a call and we can discuss.

GCSAA has developed a board orientation tool that explains the roles of a director and what the expectations are for that position. It is a very rewarding experience and it can help you become a better manager of your time and your productivity. Please contact your chapter executive or a current board member of your chapter and let them know that you are ready to engage.




  • James T Hammock, Class C, Fayetteville


  • James T Hannah, Class S, Stillwater
  • Dalton Parker, Class C, Kingfisher


  • Tyler D Bryson, Class SW, Stephenville
  • Benjamin R Greulich, Class C, Dallas
  • Riley M Mullins, Class C, Columbus
  • Dan Tharp, Class C, Granbury


  • Terry V Todd, formerly (A) at Stone Canyon Club, is now (A) at Green Tree Country Club in Midland


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