Board service FAQs

No. One must only be a Class A member who is actively employed as a golf course superintendent.

No. Any Class A member who is actively employed as golf course superintendent can be nominated for national board service, regardless of where they reside.

Typical board service involves an eight- to nine-year commitment if one is progressing through all the offices.

There is nothing that stipulates that once you are elected to the Board of Directors that you are required to continue through the officer positions. A director’s term is two years. An officer’s term is one year.

GCSAA’s philosophy is family first, employer second and GCSAA third.

Directors' commitment each year is (approximately 40-45, days which includes travel days for the following events:

  • Four quarterly Board of Directors meetings (3-4 days each)
  • Chapter Delegates meeting (3 days)
  • One chapter outreach assignment (2-5 days)
  • One or two committee/task group assignments (2-3 days each for physical meetings)
  • GCSAA Conference and Trade Show (required) and GCSAA Golf Championships (optional) (10 days)
  • National Golf Day (4 days)

In addition, officers' representation at various industry events incrementally increases, culminating with the office of president.

GCSAA does everything possible to keep board service financially cost-neutral, so the only commitment is time.

For additional questions, contact Shelia Finney, senior director, member programs, at 800-472-7878, ext. 4472.