GCSAA Par Aide Garske Grant

ParAideThe goal of this program is to assist GCSAA members' children in funding their education at either an accredited college or trade school. It is available to the children of GCSAA members who have been an active member for five or more consecutive years. Applicant must be a graduating high school senior and be accepted at an institution of higher learning for the upcoming year.


The Par Aide Garske Grant competition offers educational aid to the children and step-children of GCSAA members. Applicants must be graduating high school seniors and accepted at institutions of higher learning for the upcoming year. Funded by Par Aide in honor of Joseph S. Garske and administered by the GCSAA Foundation. $14,000 in scholarships will be awarded.

Applications will be reviewed by three educators who are not GCSAA or superintendent members. All judging decisions will be final. Applicants will be notified by mail of their status by May 15 of the year submitted. All scholarship award checks will be made payable to the applicant and his/her educational institution.


  • One or more of the applicant’s parents or step-parents must have been a GCSAA member for five or more consecutive years and must be a currently active GCSAA member in one of the following classifications: A, B, C, Retired-A, or AA life. The competition is only open to children and step-children of GCSAA members. Children or step-children of deceased members are also eligible if the member was active for five years at the time of his or her death.
  • The student must be planning to continue his/her education at a post secondary or trade school. The student must be accepted at such an institution for the next academic year. A letter of acceptance must be included with the application. If student has yet to receive such letter, please indicate that letter of acceptance is pending and will be sent at a later date.
  • Although any number of students from the same family may apply, only one student per family will be eligible to receive an award in the same year.
  • Children of those employed by Par Aide, the GCSAA Foundation's Board of Trustees, the GCSAA Board of Directors and GCSAA staff are not eligible for this program.

Criteria for selection

  • Applicants will be evaluated based on extracurricular and community involvement, leadership, outside employment, and academic achievement.
  • In addition, the student must submit an original essay of up to, but not exceeding, 500 words evaluating a significant experience, achievement, or risk and its impact on the student.
    The essay must be original and not previously submitted to GCSAA.
  • Financial need is not a factor in the selection.

How to apply

Students must complete and submit the following:

  • Transcripts from all high schools attended.
  • Original essay.
  • A letter of acceptance to a post secondary or trade school.
  • Applications are now closed.