STEP 2: CTEM Application

To apply to enter the CTEM program, complete the CTEM application and pay the application fee. The current application fee is $155 for GCSAA members and $465 for non-members. If you are not already a GCSAA member, join today to save on CTEM.

Once you have submitted your application and been accepted into CTEM, you will have 12 months to complete your attesting process. You are required to maintain your status as a turf equipment manager during these 12 months.

What happens if my job status changes during this 12-month period?

  • If you lose your position as a turf equipment manager, your 12-month period will be frozen until you once again meet the definition of a turf equipment manager.
  • If you switch facilities during your 12-month period but are still the turf equipment manager at your new facility, your 12-month period will be frozen until you have six months of tenure at the new facility.