Information for External Education Providers

GCSAA is committed to helping its members find quality education that is affordable, accessible and attainable. All providers of learning opportunities are encouraged to submit their program(s) for GCSAA education points. Each program will be reviewed for quality of content.


To qualify for education points, a program must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide education relevant to the golf course management profession
  • Have clearly defined learning objectives
  • Have a minimum program length of one hour
  • Must be non-commercial

Support from GCSAA

If approved, GCSAA will support your program by:

  • Providing a logo that can be used on your promotional materials
  • Listing the program and all offerings, if there is more than one, in the education section of
  • Listing the program and all offerings, if there is more than one, in the online Self Assessment Tool

By submitting any of the external education applications below, you are asking GCSAA to review the program's content. If your program meets the GCSAA criteria, your program will be approved for the selected calendar year. Programs must be reviewed annually so you will need to renew the approval each calendar year. Offerings of the program can be submitted at the time of the initial application and/or at a later date as they are scheduled.


External Education Business Application

Professional associations, universities, government agencies or extension agencies:

Online allied and affiliates external education application

Allied and affiliates external education application


Chapter external education application

Chapter external education application

NOTE: GCSAA will conduct random audits of external education programs. A roster of attendees may be requested in order to conduct these audits. Please have this information available upon request.

Q: How do I let GCSAA know of an upcoming pre-approved program?

Use the offering application to inform GCSAA of an upcoming offering of a pre-approved program. You must have already completed an external education application for this program and have received your assigned program code to complete this form.

Q. Why does GCSAA ask to receive applications at least 30 days in advance of a program?

A. There are two reasons. First, it allows time for additional communications between GCSAA staff and the provider. There are times when additional information needs to be requested in order for the application to be approved. These situations have been figured into the 30-day process.

The second reason surrounds GCSAA's marketing efforts on behalf of the provider. The external education events are posted in a listing on For these marketing opportunities to help increase attendance, it is important for events to be posted on the website far enough in advance so that members have the opportunity to see them.

Q. What is GCSAA's criteria for external education programs?

A. The program must meet the following criteria to earn education points:

  • Be at least one hour in length
  • Be non-commercial in nature
  • Support the competencies of a golf course superintendent outlined in the Self Assessment Tool
  • Have clear and consist learning objectives.

Q. Are chapter meetings eligible for both education points and service points?

A. Chapter meetings are eligible for EITHER education or service points, but never both. Here's the breakdown:

Education points

Members will receive 0.1 education points for each hour of pre-approved education offered at a chapter meeting. If your chapter meeting has been pre-approved for education points, your members must submit the event approval code as verification of their attendance and to validate the established program criteria. To do this, members must log on to the website after the chapter meeting and complete the affidavit for education points for pre-approved educational events.

Service points

Chapter meetings without pre-approved education are eligible for .10 service point. The meeting must be registered by a chapter representative using GCSAA's Chapter Admin Tool, and a registration code will be issued. Members must submit the registration code using the affidavit for chapter monthly meetings without approved education.

Note: Chapters may automatically record points for their members who attend chapter meetings by using the Chapter Admin Tool. If the chapter takes advantage of this option, members will not need to submit an affidavit for education or service points.

For more information about the descriptions and values of education points and service points, please reference the GCSAA Class A Code of Standards.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Diana Kern at 800-472-7878, ext. 3600.